Precision Milled Timber Frame

Spectacular timber frames … milled to perfection!

Our Precision Milled Timber Frames are made using CNC technology to cut our joinery.  This means our finished timber frame meets a very high standard of precision. The joinery is uniform, and assembly of the timber frame is greatly improved by the precisely cut joints. The accuracy of our Precision Milled Timber Frame ensures a beautiful finished product that is easy to assemble, tight and strong.

Natural Element Homes is pleased to offer Precision Milled frames as an option for you. And we can add a variety of hand-crafted surface finishes, such as distressed, circle-sawn, hand-hewn, etc.  Enjoy the assurance of quality and accuracy along with the hand-made touch.

Precision milled with hand-distressed finish

Old World Craft.
Modern Computer Control.

Our manufacturing equipment utilizes advanced CNC technology, which is driven by the computer CAD design files we develop for you.  In other words, the final detailed timber design files are coded to interface with the cutting machine to produce the hundreds of precision-cut timber parts that make up your timber frame system.  With the detailed design, the equipment knows precisely what to cut.  We will help you understand all of the technical options about bent designs, details of the joinery methods and connections, and the styling details of the timber frame parts.  Watch a CNC machine in action as it uses the design code to produce various parts of a timber frame.

The Road Home…

You’ve dreamed of a home built from the elements of nature.  Something unique, created just for you.  And now, Natural Element Homes makes the process simpler than ever.

We’re a one-stop-shop for designing and building a custom home or cabin.  We provide stunning home plans, and we’ll customize them for you.  Or, our designers will create your dream home from scratch.  Next, we manufacture your home and assemble a materials package to ship to your jobsite.  Finally, one of our signature builders or your chosen builder will assemble your custom materials package and complete your home of homes.  It’s all about you and your pleasurable experience, and our professional team makes it easy.

It All Starts With Design

Your Precision Milled Timber Frame begins with design. But before we get down to the technical aspects of your timber frame system, let’s focus on your over-all home design.  Your dream home should be all about you and your vision.  And to help it stay “uniquely yours,” we’ll provide you with your very own Building Consultant.  Together, you’ll start by choosing from some of the best designs in the country.  Then you can start customizing.  And our online Virtual Design Center makes it a breeze.  Plus, the entire design customization process has no additional costs.  So relax and enjoy.  From design to materials to manufacturing options to construction, you’ll get expert advice every step of the way.  Simply, you deserve more than off-the-shelf.  You deserve a dream home that’s your dream home.

Technical Design & Engineering

Next, we move into the more technical aspects of designing your timber frame structure with technical design and engineering. During this phase of the design process, you will be able to see all details of the timber system.  Specific methods of post-and-beam or timber frame construction will be determined. Exact joinery methods and details will be designed and designated for each piece of timber in the frame. Your timber frame design will be merged into the overall home plans we previously developed to insure that all systems are working together properly. And you can see all of this for yourself in 3D via our online Virtual Design Center.

You will eventually approve your final timber frame design, and we will move your project into the final production phase.

Timber Selection & Procurement

The wood used to produce your timber system should be of the highest quality.  Our primary specie is Douglas Fir, and we use only #1 grade or select structural grade timber.  To help insure that you get the best available timber, we have our own degreed forester on staff to help make the best decisions regarding timber procurement and quality.  We select the best wood from the best sawmills to produce your timber system.

Timber is a renewable resource, and we only utilize mills who grow more timber than they use.  This insures that the nation’s timber resource will be available for future generations.  We have always promoted sustainable forestry practices.  Furthermore, we utilize mills which are Forest Stewardship Council certified.  This means there is a chain of custody provided for all timber used at the mill that proves its proper management and sustainability.

Precision Manufacturing

Your timber frame will crafted with the utmost care and precision.  We manufacture each frame to order and always make one frame at a time.  Every part is numbered and tagged to correspond to your CAD designs and blueprints.

Our Precision Milled frames are manufactured using advanced CNC machinery which is driven by the CAD drawings created during the design phase, and each part of the timber frame is cut precisely as it was drawn in the CAD software.

Once the timber frame parts are processed, the parts are examined for accuracy, precision and overall quality.  The parts are labeled, sanded and prepared for shipping. Bundles are paper wrapped and carefully banded for shipping to your jobsite.  All accessories such  as pegs and screws are assembled with the timber for shipment.

Delivery & Installation

Delivery of your timber frame is a highly anticipated event, and we take it very seriously. We begin preparations months in advance through communications, quality assurance measures, digital inventories, and other efforts.

Your timber frame delivery will be carefully coordinated with the progress of the General Contractor. We provide technical assistance to the builder before, during, and after the frame installation.  We provide on-site technical assistance when needed, as well. We have timber frame erection crews available to install the timber frame if needed.

Typically, depending on the size and complexity of the frame, you can expect installation to be completed in a matter of days.  You will be thrilled to witness your home take shape.

Wrapping Your Frame

Natural Element Homes offers CNC factory pre-cutting of our SIPs, a process that cuts installation time and virtually eliminates on-site panel waste. Our pre-cut panels arrive at the jobsite labeled and ready to assemble.  This allows speed of installation and virtually eliminates job site panel waste.

Here’s how our process works:  We develop panel drawings as part of the production phase of our design process. The details of the drawings drive our CNC pre-cutting equipment. This automated equipment is designed for accuracy and precision. After cutting, each panel is labeled to correspond to the Panel Layout drawings for identification and assembly on the jobsite.

Our SIPs come factory pre-cut with joinery systems and required installation accessories for the tightest fit, highest performance, and simplest installation.

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