Hybrid Timber Frame Homes:

In a Hybrid Timber Frame home, timber framing is generally used in only certain areas of the home. A conventionally-built, stick frame enclosure (or SIPs enclosure) provides the structure of the home where timber frame is not present.

Or, in lieu of timber frame in certain areas, timber trusses, timber accents, beams, and other decorative components may be blended with conventional stick-built construction (or SIPs). The hybrid timber frame is typically more cost effective and offers maximum design flexibility.

  • Conventional stick-built enclosure (or SIPs) provides the structure of the home where timber frame is not present
  • Structural or decorative timber frame in certain areas of the home
  • Timber trusses, accents and decorative components used
  • A wide variety of materials may be utilized to achieve specific styling

Timber frame only used in center section of home

Wrap your home with our ZIP System:

Zip Sheathing and Tape for walls and roofs

The first line of defense with the hybrid wall systems from Natural Element Homes is the Huber ZIP System wall and roof sheathing. The Zip system eliminates the need for house wrap and roofing felt with its impregnated outer layer. ZIP tape seals all joints and prevents air infiltration.

And for even more protection, the ZIP-R system may be selected. For installation convenience and exceptional, long-term performance, the all-in-one ZIP System® R-Sheathing panel provides a new approach to sealing and insulating the building envelope. One panel delivers thermal, air and moisture resistance, while providing excellent strength and durability.

Timber Frame Enclosed With ZIP System

Learn more about our ZIP-R System for wall sheathing

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Insulation Options for stick-built enclosures…

Many creative and innovative energy conservation choices.


Combine spray foam with fiberglass batts for cost-effective energy efficiency!

Step 1: Spray Foam Insulation (Flash)

Step 2: Batt Insulation (Batt)

Full Cavity Cellulose or Spray Foam

Fill the entire wall cavity with recycled cellulose or innovative spray foam!

Cellulose Insulation

Expanding Spray Foam Insulation

Or wrap your hybrid home with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

Factory pre-cut SIPs combine structurally rated interior and exterior OSB sheathing with a rigid, solid core of insulation in one composite panel. SIPs are structural and will span the large spaces of your hybrid home. SIPs create a continuous whole-wall system with virtually no thermal bridging, breaks, or air infiltration. The result is a tight building envelope that will contain the inside conditioned air, eliminate air infiltration, and result in significantly less heating and cooling fuel consumption and lower energy costs, while providing exceptional living comfort.

Polyurethane Panels

Our Class I fire rated closed-cell polyurethane foam contains no formaldehyde or CFCs. Polyurethane foam is a thermoset plastic which does not melt and maintains structural integrity until consumed. It is far more fire-resistant than most conventional building materials. Polyurethane foam does not promote the growth of mold, and serves as its own vapor barrier. It’s a common, proven building product that is found in most homes and on store shelves.

Our polyurethane panels are custom-manufactured to the specifications provided in the shop drawings by injecting high-quality polyurethane between two sheets of oriented strand board. The polyurethane acts as its own adhesive, providing a strong, consistent bond across the entire panel. We design the panels to include features like pre-installed corners, door bucks, window bucks, subfacia, electrical conduit,  and outlet boxes to ensure the quality of construction while drastically reducing the time involved.


  • 4-inch Panel = R24
  • 4-1/2-inch = R28
  • 6-7/16-inch = R40
  • 8-1/4-inch = R50

EPS Panels

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a product that provides smart solutions and durable, efficient results. Equally important, EPS is a sustainable product that is recyclable and environmentally sound. The lifecycle of EPS has been studied, documented and proven to leave a smaller footprint on our planet than comparable materials. It is a smart option for SIPs and a responsible choice for the environment.

Our Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) SIPs offer a high quality, competitively priced alternative to conventional construction. EPS panels contain a core of rigid cellular foam plastic. The EPS foam core is molded in large blocks and cut to size, then laminated to the OSB skin surfaces with an extremely strong and durable one-part Urethane adhesive. EPS SIPs are installed using plywood key splines to join the panels together.


  • 4-1/2-inch = R15
  • 6-1/2-inch = R23
  • 8-1/4-inch = R29
  • 10-1/4-inch = R37
  • 12-1/4-inch = R45

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